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Complete Guide to Ear Piercings

Styles, Care, and Selection at Arya Tattoo and Piercing


Welcome to Arya Tattoo and Piercing, your trusted destination in Toronto for all types of ear piercings. From classic lobe piercings to trendy helix styles, our guide covers everything you need to know about ear piercings.
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Different Types of Ear Piercings:

  1. Lobe Piercing: The most common and versatile type.
  2. Helix Piercing: Located on the upper cartilage of the ear.
  3. Daith Piercing: A unique piercing through the inner ear cartilage, often associated with migraine relief.
  4. Tragus Piercing: Situated on the small cartilage flap right outside the ear canal.
  5. Industrial Piercing: A barbell connecting two piercings in the ear’s upper cartilage.
  6. Rook Piercing: Located on the fold of cartilage above the ear canal.
  7. Conch Piercing: Piercing of the large central cartilage area, available in inner and outer styles.
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Choosing Your Ear Piercing:

Consider factors like personal style, pain tolerance, and healing times. Our experts at Arya Tattoo and Piercing can help you select the perfect piercing for your lifestyle.
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Pain and Healing Process:

Each type of ear piercing comes with its own level of discomfort and healing time. We provide detailed guidelines on what to expect and how to care for your new piercing.
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Aftercare Tips:

Proper aftercare is crucial for healing and preventing infections. We recommend gentle cleaning routines, avoiding certain activities, and tips on sleeping comfortably with new piercings.
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Jewelry Selection:

Explore our wide range of jewelry options suitable for every type of ear piercing. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or a bold statement, we have something for everyone.
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Enhancing Your Style with Daith Piercing:

Our studio at 1082 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M6, offers a professional, safe, and welcoming environment. Since 2004, we’ve been dedicated to providing the highest standard in piercing services.
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Visit Us or Get in Touch:

Ready to explore the world of ear piercings? Visit our Toronto studio or call us at +14165355588. For more information, check out aryatatto.com.
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At Arya Tattoo and Piercing, we’re passionate about helping you express yourself through ear piercings. Whether you’re considering your first piercing or looking to add to your collection, we’re here to provide expertise, care, and an unmatched selection of jewelry.



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